OHURA – Mini Audio Bible Player - In-Ear Electronic Bible Traveler - Narrated NRSV New Testament - Hands-Free MP3 Sports Bible Audio Player (English)

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Brand: Ohura

Color: Black

Edition: English NRSV


  • Easy to Use: Minimalist, tangle-free player. No tiny screens or headphone cables. Switch on and immediately start listening to the Bible
  • Powerful Ministry Tool: When switched on, the player begins with 42 short stories that summarize the Bible. This creates a "base point" before jumping into listening to the audio Bible, starting with Matthew 1:1. Tracks are skippable. Perfect for travelers, children, backpackers, poor vision, or those who have difficulty reading. Enjoy refreshing meditation on the entire narrated New Testament (27 books in NRSV) plus the 42 short Bible stories.
  • Comfortable & Small: Easily concealed, low profile. Designed to look like a common Bluetooth headset, Ohura fits under a farmer's hat, taxi cab beanie, soldier's helmet, or Muslim female hijab, burqa, niqab, chador, or khimar
  • Kid-proof Design: Private listening with small built-in earbud allows listener to enjoy a distraction-free, personal learning experience. No headphones that become tangled birds nests. NOTE: Not recommended for very elderly; buttons are small, which can be challenging for those with low dexterity.
  • Narration for Hours, >3 hour battery life: Rechargeable internal battery is long lasting; the equivalent of listening to Matthew and Mark played back-to-back. Recharges in 1 hour (cable included). NOTE: Not recommended for those who have difficulty hearing or elderly; the speaker is a small earbud and is not a loud-speaker Bible player

Media Type: Micro SD

Publisher: Ohura


Ohura is a mini Bible audio player that narrates aloud the entire New Testament in private.

  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: +3 hours of play-time; the equivalent of Matthew and Mark played together before needing to be recharged.
  • CLEAR NARRATION: Ohura plays the entire New Testament (27 books) straight through.
    • BONUS: 42 narrated short "Storyrunner" stories that explain God's story; from Genesis to Revelation.
  • SIMPLE TO USE & COMFORTABLE: The play, pause, skip, and volume buttons easy to learn. There are no tiny navigation screens. 
  • CONTINUOUS PLAY: Chapters are skippable & the player starts where it leaves off. 
  • KIDS, TRAVELERS, POOR VISION, & PASTORS: Ohura is a minimalist player that can be operated in the dark (by feel). It is designed for evangelism by a noprofit ministry.
  • NOT FOR VERY ELDERLY: Not designed for everyone; the minimalist player has small buttons which some very elderly may find challenging.
  • BIBLE VERSION: Ohura comes pre-loaded with the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), narrated in English. Any MP3s may be placed onto a Micro SD card and played through this player (e.g. music, sermons).
  • MISSION: Ohura is designed for the purpose of sharing the Good News to 1 billion non-literate adults.


42 Short Stories explaining God's story; produced by Storyrunners, a Cru ministry
27 Books narrated of the New Testament;
 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)
Micro SD Card (1GB)
USB charging cable
Instructions card in English

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