Amazing Bible Timeline with World History (Standard)

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Author: Bible Charts and Maps

Brand: Bible Charts and Maps

ISBN: 0976732726

Publisher: Bible Charts and Maps

Details: A fun, engaging Bible study companion with over 6000 years of Biblical history and events (scripture references listed) plotted alongside world history. Over 1000 references at your finger tips on a beautifully designed, easy to understand 37" x 45" poster. Find out facts from the Bible Timeline with World History that you can't learn from the Bible alone. Unique Circular Format - more in less space. How does all this information fit on a 37″ x 45″ poster - compared to the 15 or 20 feet of a straight timeline? The timeline is in a compact circular format and the information flows like a clock. Adam is at the top. Christ's birth divides the circle in half. Time and events march on the timeline up to our current decade. Each pie shaped piece covers a century. Easily see Bible and World History together with this attractive, color-coded wall chart. See the whole Bible at once. You have over a thousand references at your fingertips. All the important historical events of the main religions and world cultures are indexed and outlined in one simple to understand format. Gift yourself and your Bible study friends this amazing study companion for an exciting journey of discovery.

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